Leadership Team

UAEA has a shared commitment to ensure the residents of Tempe receive high quality services. We understand operational issues and the importance of having a superior workforce.

Billy Vickers, Jr.

Keith Smith

Elaine Pattison
Membership Coordinator

 UAEA is committed to giving back to members and the residents of Tempe through programs, scholarships, community service, sponsorship and donations.

Seth Lewis 
Resolution Specialist Coordinator

Public Service

UAEA encourages employees to speak up, to get involved and to help find solutions to issues. We have a responsibility to make sure the lines of communication are open and positive. 

City Wide Representatives:

  • Wally Torres
  •  Bianca Gallego
  • Natalya Ennels
  • Leah Sergeant 


Sandra Jaramillo
Communication Coordinator

Who We Are

The United Arizona Employee Association was established by workers and is led by the membership. UAEA represents employees in over 230 different public sector positions including administrative, technical, professional and the trades along with civilians from Police and Fire.  

Wally Torres
Interim Vice President

Our Values

(480) 719-9608

Need Help With a Workplace Conflict or Disciplinary Action? 

UAEA employees have Three Full Week Day Work Days to obtain representation when meeting with management.

​When responding to a Part I notice, employees have 5 days to respond. 

Don't forget to contact UAEA for assistance

​(480) 719-9608​