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November 7, 2019

5:30-6:30     Priest Yard Assembly Hall

12:00-1:00   UAEA Conference Room

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call/Sign In

3. Guest Speaker - Rosa Inchausti and Jonae Harrison - Equity and Inclusion Program

4. Secretary

     a. Previous Meeting Minutes

     b. Motion to accept

     c. Next Meeting December 5th - Holiday Celebration and Toy Drive; 5:30am Priest Yard Assembly             Hall, 55 S Priest Drive and 12pm Apache Community Room, 1855 E Apache Blvd.

5. Treasurer Report

6. Meet and Confer Committee

7. Negotiation Timeline

8. Current Negotiation Topics

9. Research Groups for Negotiation Topics - Volunteers Needed

10. Meeting Guidelines - Request topics for the next meeting agenda via the UAEA President, 15 days prior to the next meeting. Implementation: December 2019

11. Old Business

12. New Business

      a. UAEA Board Discussion

      b. Membership questions, concerns or actions.

13. Adjourn